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When I get the time I like to provide tips to help other users of Pro Tools, the industry standard for audio production. I've been using Pro Tools since 1999, and first laid my hands on audio editing software in 1993. Back then I mixed it out onto cassette. We've come a long way!

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Helpful audio tips from Australian audio producer Andy Maher

Pro Tools Tip - Debreathing with Waves DeBreath

Pro Tools Tip - a hidden memory location trick!

Pro Tools Tip - keeping your edits safe in shuffle mode

Pro Tools tip - Pro Tools Tip - Vari-Fi and Volume Envelopes

Pro Tools tip - double check this setting after a Pro Tools crash, for your sanity!

Pro Tools tip - be careful your volume envelopes don't mess with reverbs/delays.

Pro Tools tip - sidechaining music to make voiceovers sound better.

Pro Tools tip - watch out for the N "Insertion Follows Playback" key.

Pro Tools tip - Compressing audio on the way in.

Pro Tools tip - Show Us Your Presets - The Three-Way Split.

Pro Tools tip - Show Us Your Presets pt 1 - DelayDirt.

Pro Tools tip - Print tracks.

Pro Tools tip - Stereo/Mono monitoring.

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