Passionate about your podcast?

I can handle any or all of the stages of the podcast production process for you:

I can not only maintain all-important audio quality and consistent loudness, but I'm also very helpful in suggesting edits (removing mistakes, pauses or contentious content.)

Osher Günsberg, host of the Osher Günsberg Podcast

Andy and I have worked together for most of my career. When it came time to find a seasoned pro for my podcast, he was my only choice. I trust him with not only pro-strength audio quality but with editorial decision-making as well. He's the goods.

If you are making a podcast but need to outsource podcast editing and production, I'd love to hear your ideas.

Tell me what you need  

I have been a skilled podcast editor, and avid listener, for over 10 years. They were a lifeline back to Australian life when I lived overseas, and I still often seek out new podcasts. While fresh content is always interesting, common issues I hear in podcasts include:

Yes, I can make bad recordings better!

My background in broadcast audio, and in particular working in the popular formats of AM talk (at 3AW Melbourne and 2UE Sydney) and FM breakfast shows (including Fox FM & Gold 104.3 Melbourne) means I'm very handy with spoken word audio.
And being a podcast fan I understand the subtle differences in approach.

Podcasts I work with:

The Osher Günsberg Podcast Recipes For Life with Pete Evans Potential Psychology with Ellen Jackson Trench Talk with Matt Reynolds The Edspresso Series Talkin Trauma with Ambulance Victoria Hot Dub Time Machine Radio Real Leadership with Mark LeBusque and Kate Boorer Les Mills Quarterly Review
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